Hair Treatments

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment and Damage Repair System.

Do you remember your hair before Straighteners? Before Colour? Before your holiday?

Would you like healthy, shiny hair full of life again?

Approximately 90% of our hair is made up of a protein called keratin which is responsible for the hair’s strength, resistance to wear and tear, elasticity, flexibility and shine. Hair keratin is damaged by straighteners, colours, perms, blow drying, the sun, pollutions, pool chemicals and even everyday brushing. This can make your hair look out of condition, dull and lifeless, as well as making it difficult to manage.

Now, scientists have developed a breakthrough permanent Hair Repair System that will “Turn back the Clock” and restore the hair structure back to how nature intended it to be… Soft Shiny and Healthy.


Short £90                    Medium £100             Long £120

(Price includes home care system of keratin shampoo & conditioner)

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